Chang Family Picture

Chang Family Picture

Blessed parents of 3 boys: Jaden (7 yrs.), Tyler (4 yrs.), and Nolan (3 mos.).



Horizon Retreat

Horizon Retreat

This a picture of our group during retreat at Yamanaka Chalet. What a beautiful time of fellowship! In the midst of God’s creation, Mt. Fuji in the background.


Baptism in Niigata!

Some pictures from a one day trip to Niigata prefecture in Western Japan. Got a chance to share my testimony to a fellowship of believers from China that now live in Japan. Praise the Lord for 2 ladies and 2 kids that were baptized that day! To top it off, I did my testimony fully in Chinese so all glory to Him for His enabling grace. Haven’t spoken that much Chinese in this context for years but His grace is sufficient! =) BTW, all the home-cooked Szechuan food was icing on the cake! 😛

No Barbies Here

The boys love Ultraman! He is the legendary hero here in Japan, fighting monsters in all shapes and sizes. Rich and I took the boys to watch their first live show of Ultraman. It was our first experience with this kind of show too! We all did not know what to expect. As we entered the building we were moved through a line to take photos with Ultraman (above picture). Then we waited for the show to start. To pass the time, we looked through many souvenirs from toys to underwear with Ultraman on it. Jaden and Tyler could not contain their excitement! The show had two parts: concert of songs from the show and live drama starring Ultraman Zero. The boys sat attentively throughout both parts even though there was no English translation. Much to my surprise, the whole show was very entertaining for people of all ages. We even saw adults without children, singing the Ultraman songs. This experience was definitely an adventure!

Jaden’s First Month

Jaden's 1st Day

Jaden started Yochien (Japanese Preschool/Kindergarten) September 6th, a week after we arrived in Japan. Since we don’t have a car yet, we have been taking public transportation to get him to school each day. Below is a sample of our daily route.

Our Daily School Schedule:

6:30 am- 7:15 am –Wake Up, Eat Breakfast, Get ready

7:16 am- 7:35 am –Walk to the Train Station

7:39 am- 7:55 am –Train ride to bus stop

8:00 am –Jaden gets on the bus to school

8:30 am- 4:00 pm –Jaden’s School Day

4:10 pm- 4:20 pm –Jaden takes the bus to bus stop

4:20pm –Rich or Eli picks him up and returns home by train




Bye USA, Hello Japan

Ten days ago, we left our home of 8 years to move to a new home. With all the sweet good-byes and thoughtful words, we are excited to see what God has planned for our future in Japan.

Thank you for your prayers! God’s grace has been so sufficient for all of our adjustments! We have been busy settling into our new home, filing residency, and working out details for Jaden’s school.

We even celebrated a summer festival at church. From somen slide to watermelon smashing, it was an unique experience.

Our family has been warmly welcomed and blessed by God’s provision!

Looking forward to connecting with you all soon! Please leave us a comment and let us know how you are doing! Missing you all, and sending our love! God bless!

Back in the US….for now

We’ve now been officially back in the US for one full week. Whenever we’ve gone out of the country for 1-2 weeks, we’ve always missed home and cannot wait to get back. This time feels different. Yes, of course we miss family and friends but not so much the ” way of life” anymore, if that makes sense. It’s funny how things can change when you’ve settled in a foreign country for months rather than just for vacation/business. We now find ourselves missing many things from Japan and all the nuances that come with everyday life there – the language, the busy streets of Tokyo, taking the train everyday, our new friends in Japan and of course…the food. In any case, it’s good to be home and it’s been wonderful spending time with friends and family up here in NorCal. We can’t wait to get back home in SoCal as well!

Overall, we get the sense that this time is intended for spiritual refreshment for our family. In addition, I’m developing a sense to “recruit” on behalf of ministry needs in Japan. We got an unexpected opportunity to share this weekend at CC San Ramon about ministry in Japan. Many were unaware of the ministry needs and as a result, are now interested in partnering for future opportunities to serve in Japan – Praise God! We hope for more of these opportunities during our time here in the US over the next few months.

We will not be updating this blog as frequently while we’re here in the US. We hope that we’ll be able to share more of our adventures with you face to face in the coming months. Please continue to pray for us with regards to long term plans. We trust the Lord will unveil his plan over the next few months and we hope to be back out to Japan sooner than later, Lord willing.  Blessings from the Changs….

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